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About LicenseLogic

LicenseLogic LLC (LicenseLogic) is the leading provider of software asset management training since 2002.  We have worked with the Software & Information Industry Association to help shape the curriculum found in the Certified Software Manager and Advanced Software Manager courseware.  In addition, LicenseLogic is a leader in the copyright compliance industry having created and produced materials for the Special Libraries Association.

LicenseLogic is an advocate for the End User who needs help managing their software licenses internally.  LicenseLogic provides software asset management (SAM) services to universities, government entities and businesses.  Having worked with thousands of organizations over the years, we understand the complexities of licenses and make sure that we provide the information needed to manage software both in terms of compliance and efficiency in terms of costs avoidance or savings.

If you or your organization is interested in finding out more about our SAM services, please call or email us directly @

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