ACP – Awareness Compliance Program

Minimize Risk –  The Awareness Compliance Program (ACP) is designed to make sure that all of the organization’s users know the liabilities in terms of license agreements and COMPLIANCE with the copyright law (U.S. Copyright Law), and also help the organization as an entity realize the potential cost savings opportunities through better management and negotiations of their software licenses.

The License Logic Institute’s Awareness Compliance Program (ACP) automates the process.

The ACP is comprised of three tasks (suggested yearly) for the organization’s users to accomplish by completing the following:

  • The Software License Compliance and Copyright (SLCC) Course and Exam
  • The Top 5 License Terms Course
  • Anti-Piracy Statement Form Exam

By having IT Staff and/or employees completing the above objectives on a yearly basis, the organization has created ongoing AWARENESS to help to MINIMIZE RISK in terms of compliance with the copyright law while also allowing internal software policies to become easier to implement and enforce.

With Yearly Awareness and Education the Awareness Compliance Program will provide more confidence to the organization knowing that their IT Staff and/or employees better grasp and understand the importance of the Copyright Law (US) and software license agreements.

The ACP initiative combined with internal enforcement of any misuses can help to lower liabilities of license compliance and create an environment where better management of software licenses and potential cost savings can begin to develop.

The Awareness Compliance Program (ACP) benefits all employees within the organization.  From managers with the ability to acquire software without buying the proper license to IT staff who do not fully understand the license metric to the employee who misuses or shares their software license credentials improperly, the Awareness Compliance Program benefits all.  With plans available, an organization can roll out to their entire organization, or to a specific business unit and then grow from there.  HELP MINIMIZE RISK TODAY – SIGN UP NOW!

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Awareness Compliance Program is great for the Entire Organization

The Awareness Compliance Program (ACP)  – is a set of three educational units with two exams (SLCC and Anti-Piracy Statement Form), which are designed to educate the staff member(s) on the key elements of the copyright law, license terms, and piracy issues.  The program is not a professional Certification (CSM, ASM, ESM, CSLN), however, by having your IT staff and/or the organization’s employees educated on the crucial license terms and the US copyright law; the organization is in a better position in terms of liabilities.  Create Awareness and Education within your organization, help LOWER LIABILITIES.

ACP includes user access to the following:

      • Software License Compliance and Copyright (SLCC) Course and Exam Certification
      • Top 5 License Terms – Software course
      • Anti-Piracy Statement Form Exam

It is recommended that the employer sends the student(s) through the ACP Program on a yearly basis in order to validate ongoing awareness of the copyright law if ever the worst case scenario arrives (a copyright infringement court case).

Student is suggested to pass the two exams with unlimited attempts during the Access Term of 30 Days – SLCC with 90% and the Anti-Piracy Statement Form exam with 100%.  The exam percentages are set as such, so that the Employer can be confident that the student has learned all the materials and has agreed to the Anti-Piracy Statement Form.  Students have unlimited attempts to pass the exams during Access Term.

NOTE – The Anti-Piracy Statement Form Exam has the student agree to the Anti-Piracy Statement Form and answer one question on the Form itself to help guarantee that the student comprehends the Statement.