ASM Certification

Developed in 2004, the Advanced Software Manager (ASM) builds upon the Certified Software Manager (CSM) seminar by delving further into the logistics and methods of a software license management initiative, developing a check list of terms and conditions for license negotiations, auditing procedures and several other key topics when managing and negotiating software licenses.  Become an ASM today!

What You Will Learn

Who Should Attend

  • The importance of processes, tools, and people in a software asset management (SAM) and license optimization initiative
  • Functional roles within your organization that are directly involved with the SAM initiative
  • How to establish objectives and scope for one’s own organization environment
  • Understand license trends, acquisition planning, and critical terms and conditions that need to be considered in negotiations
  • Perform gap analysis on policies, procedures and licenses

Employees that are involved with the management of software licenses:  Software Licensing Managers; Software Compliance Managers; IT Administrators; IT Asset Managers; IT Procurement Managers; IT Service Managers; Purchasing Agents; Legal Representatives; HR Personnel; and Software Asset Managers.

ASM Syllabus

Unit I: SAM Processes

  • Process Importance to SAM
  • The Software Lifecycle
  • SAM Processes
  • Best Practice Considerations

Unit II: SAM Tools

  • Inventory and Auto-Discovery
  • Software Usage
  • License & Contract Management

Unit III: SAM Team

  • Core Team
  • Identifying Stakeholders
  • Functional IT & Business Roles
  • Program Technical Resources
  • Mapping Functions to Your Resources

Unit IV: SAM Program Assessment

  • Data Gathering
  • Gap Analysis
  • Identifying and Quantifying Potential Benefits

 Unit V: SAM Program Implementation

  • Establishing Program Objectives and Scope
  • SAM Operations Manual with Policies and Standards
  • Prioritize Major Activities
  • Develop Clear Project Plan

Unit VI: Understanding Software Licensing

  • Licensing Trends and Impacts
  • Other Licensing Impacts
  • Organizational Licensing Consideration

Unit VII: Software Acquisition Planning

  • Obtaining the “Right” License Agreement
  • License Agreement Analysis
  • Dispute Management Considerations

Course Materials

The Advanced Software Manager Course contains the ASM Manual which is over 110 pages and made available to the student for download (PDF).  AN EXCELLENT RESOURCE!

Certification Exam

All Certification Courses include access to the Certification Exam, and passing of the Exam is a must for the Certification designation.  Student must have completed the Certification Course before taking Certification Exam, otherwise Exam results will be invalid with no refund.  For Onsite or Private Seminars email instructions will be sent to student immediately following any Live Course Training and the student will have 30 Day Access to the Exam once email has been sent.  For OnDemand Courses and Exams, 1 Year Term begins immediately upon Enrollment.

Student has 3 attempts to pass Exam during Access Term Period (80% to pass)
Student will be given option to print Certificate upon passing the exam within LMS (Learning Management System)
If student fails to pass the certification exam or access term expires, student may re-purchase the exam for a $100 fee and access to the Re-Take Exam is for a 30 Day Term.  Please contact for any re-purchases.

Pricing for OnDemand


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Individual Membership

$895/First Year then $495 Renewal Years
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Access to OnDemand Courses : ALL ACCESS
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Group Membership

$495/Yearly/Named User
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Minimum Named User(s): 5 or More

Course and Exam

$495-$595 - 1 Year Access
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Minimum Named User(s): 1

ESM Pro Information

Go on and become a PRO!  DISCOUNTED PRICING when buying all 4 Courses!  Student must complete all Certifications (CSM, ASM, ESM and the CSLN) in order to achieve the ESM Pro Certification designation.  Upon completion of all Certifications Student may request an ESM Pro certificate by contact

Need Private Training?

Pricing for a Course(s) and Exam(s) is as follows:

$5,000/per day of training for up to 10 attendees; each additional attendee after the 10th attendee is $450/attendee + travel, hotel, meal, and incidental expenses included in price if within Continental United States.
If outside Continental United States then travel, hotel, meal, and incidental expenses may apply.
Any Certification Exams are included with the final price.
Buyer is to provide the room and a projector for the training, all other training materials will be provided by LicenseLogic.
NOTE:  If you are not sure what course(s) or workshop will fit your needs, give us a call and we will help you determine the best education for your group.

To find out more information or to book an On-Site or Private Training please call (301) 363-1658 or email

Re-Certification Information

Students must Re-Certify once every 3 Years.  If a major update to Certification Course occurs before the student’s 3-Year term is expired, an announcement will occur and students can determine if they need to achieve the updated Certification.  See the Re-Certification page for further information.

NOTE:  For past students with an expiration on their respective Certification certificate see Re-Certification page to find out more information on how to receive an updated certificate.