CCLM Certification

Comprehensive training on legal issues surrounding copyright laws and managing licensing, including: subscriptions, journals, pictures, software, databases and more.  License and copyright compliance needs to be managed properly.  This training melds together the responsibilities of the Corporate Librarian or Information Professional to the responsibilities of IT managers:  professions that deal with complex licenses and the copyright law.   The course is designed to help an organization manage all things copyrights and all things licenses:  from subscriptions to professional journals to software to images and more; with an organized approach liabilities are lowered and costs contained.Notes:  The CCLM is its own certification, but may count towards the ESM Pro accreditation.

What You Will Learn

Who Should Attend

  • Identify Different Types of Works to Manage in the Workplace
  • Fair Use and Other Concerns Relating to the Copyright Law
  • Learn about Copyright Cases with High Damages and Their Relation to the Organization
  • Identify All Types of Licensed Works in the Environment
  • Develop of Management Procedures and Policies
  • Sustaining a Realistic Approach to Management Initiatives

Employees that are involved and deal with licenses from content to pictures to software to subscriptions to databases and more within an organization, including but not limited to: Corporate Librarians, IT Managers, SAM Practitioners, Software License Managers, Information Professionals and any Procurers of Licensing for the organization.

CCLM Syllabus

Unit I: Introduction and Course Objectives

  • Defining Objectives
  • Hypothetical Organization

Unit II: Copyright Law in the Workplace

  • Copyright 101
  • Fair Use “Defense” or Just Offensive
  • All Penalties:  Non-Willful to Willful
  • Compliance from a Journal to a Subscription
  • Exercise:  Project Share to Project Scare

Unit III: Liabilities of Concern

  • Ways Infringing Activity Happens
  • Scope of Liabilities
  • Copyright Cases: Relevant that Relate to an Organization
  • Compliance Musts
  • Discussion: What’s in Your Organization?

Unit IV: Types of Licenses

  • Subscriptions, PDFs, IP Authentication, Oh My!
  • When the Organization Enters into an Agreement
  • Most Common Agreement Types
  • Exercise:  Deciphering the Ts and Cs of Multiple Products

Unit V: Managing Copyrights, Licenses and Expectations

  • Bird’s Eye View of Organization
  • Creating Strategies for Containment to Management
  • Where Appropriate Manage Intellectual Property
  • Seven Strategies to Better Management
  • Discussion:  Expecting the Unexpected

Unit VI: Teamwork, Tools and Awareness

  • Teaming Info Pros and IT
  • Leveraging Tools and Technology
  • Developing Joint Strategies, Processes, and Policies
  • Compliance to Efficiency
  • Exercise:  Lean on Team

Unit VII: Continuing Initiatives

  • Sustainability is Hard, but a Must
  • Always Demonstrating Worth
  • Awareness to Enforcement – Tricks of the Trade
  • Conclusion

Available Spring 2018