Consulting – Government

LicenseLogic provides consulting services for Government Entities around software license management and compliance liabilities.

Our offerings include:

  • Development of Processes to best manage licenses and contain copyright liabilities within the Agency
    • Including how to tackle issues when trying to help manage secure, top-secret areas.
  • Develop an In-House catalog of software titles for end-users to request
  • Conduct a Software Asset Management Assessment on multiple titles within the Agency
    • A SAM Assessment will enable the Agency to make a well formed decision on what Software Titles to move forward with in terms of licensing to what may be removed to help contain costs
  • Ongoing software asset management initiatives
    • We can put the personnel in place to help your Government Entity manage software licensing effectively
  • Training for In-House staff on their particular roles

If you would like to find out more information, please contact us @ (301) 363-1658 or