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Terms and Conditions

Description of Services

A.       The Services and Resources that the website offers will be created, owned and managed by LicenseLogic LLC (“LicenseLogic”).  LicenseLogic aims to provide the end user with accurate and relevant content in regards to our subject matter of the Service. Nevertheless, you may find content that you may find inaccurate, disagreeable, and/or indecent of which you bear all risks that may arise from using the content.

B.       Our Training Services provide you with up to date knowledge on the subject matter, but may contain information that you find inaccurate.

C.       The content in the Exam’s is taken from the information covered during the course or training or materials.

D.       Any Private Seminar content is open to vary from regular courses upon the request of the client and/or the instructor.



a.)      As a member, you and/or your organization acknowledge and agree that you are to keep confidential the Membership Name and Membership Account provided by LicenseLogic to you. Your Membership Name, Membership Account and Membership Password are personal to you and/or your organization may not be shared with, or transferred to, any other person or entity.

b.)     You acknowledge and agree that you will be solely responsible for each and every use of your membership Account, Membership Name and Membership Password and that LicenseLogic may rely on the use of these as a conclusive evidence that you have used the website.

c.)      All Memberships, including any paid memberships, are non-refundable and are non-transferrable.

Rules of Conduct

During use of our Services you are held liable in following local, state, national, and international laws and regulations. As well as the following:

  1. You will not tamper with any content that is copyrighted under LicenseLogic.
  2. You will not hinder with the use of our Services of any other member(s).
  3. You will not use the content of LicenseLogic under any other name and without prior authorization from LicenseLogic LLC.
  4. You will not threaten or harass, any members.
  5. You will not promote any websites that offer illegal downloads of software.
  6. You will not post or solicit any content that is illegal or may offend other members.

Termination of Membership

A.       LicenseLogic reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate Member’s account.

B.       Termination of this Agreement shall not relieve you from any payment obligations that may have arisen prior to such termination.


You are responsible to keep your user information given to LicenseLogic confidential. If you believe that your information has been taken you are responsible to change your password and/or inform LicenseLogic. If inappropriate behavior or the violation of any of the terms and conditions are broken by under your name, your participation in our website will be terminated immediately, with no required notice. You will have to register again under such circumstance if you would like to use certain services that require membership.

Delivery Method of Tangible Goods

LicenseLogic LLC will deliver any and all tangibles goods via UPS Ground shipping unless otherwise requested via

Delivery Method of Services

LicenseLogic LLC will conduct all ondemand courses via its own website.  Any webcasts, webinars, online meetings, meetings, seminar/exam dates as stated online through a web conferencing system or learning management system or in their respect cities.

Certification Examinations

A.       Certification examinations are administered online through a learning management system (LMS).  Although the login is available for a period of time, once the exam is accessed, it must be completed within the time period mentioned in the instructions for the exam.

B.       In special circumstances, LicenseLogic may grant an extension to complete the certification examination.

C.       Certification examination results are available immediately upon completion. In order to pass the examination and achieve the related designation, in most cases the registrant must receive a minimum pass score of 80% or higher for most certifications.  Some certifications may require a score of 90% or higher to pass. Should a registrant fail to meet this score, the registrant will have an additional opportunity to take the exam during access period to the exam.


Certification Expirations

Some certifications may have expiry dates of 2 or 3 years.


Recertification requires a retake of the course or any additional course purchase.

LIVE Event Attendance, Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

In the event that LicenseLogic LLC conduct a live event for a cost then the following applies:

A.       Payment must be made before an attendee is allowed access to the event materials and the event itself. If this is not possible, but the attendee can guarantee payment through a purchase order, LicenseLogic may allow attendance to the event.

B.       All attendees are required to attend to the events on time. LicenseLogic will not be responsible for any missed opportunities that results from tardiness.

D.       LicenseLogic will only accommodate refunds for Live events if an attendee cancels his or her registration at least 75 days before the event.

Less than 75 days until Event = 0% Refund

Greater than 76 days until Event = 50% Refund

F.        All event logistics are sent through email within a few days after the payment for the event has been made. It will be the responsibility of the attendee to check whether or not the logistics has been received and to contact LicenseLogic if the email does not come through. LicenseLogic will not be responsible for missed communications due to company security policies (ex. Company Firewalls, E-mail filters, etc.)

G.       LicenseLogic reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any event. Any cancellation or reschedule will be communicated to the attendees in advance, typically at least 15 days prior to the event via written notice.  In the event of a cancelled event, any payment made for the cancelled event will be refunded if there is no rescheduled event date.  The attendee will be allowed to enroll for the same event at a different rescheduled date. If no similar event is available or rescheduled, the attendee may refund the money in full.  LicenseLogic cannot be held responsible for penalties resulting from travel arrangements.

H.       LicenseLogic shall not be liable for any cancellation and/or rescheduling of an event due to Force Majeure. In these cases, LicenseLogic may or may not be able to communicate the cancellation in a timely manner. No refunds will be allowed in these cases but the attendee can sign up for another similar event on a different date.

NOTE:  LicenseLogic’s OnDemand courses do not apply as a Live Event as stated above.  All OnDemand courses and OnDemand offerings have access for the length or membership.

Modification of Courses, Events and Content

LicenseLogic reserves the right to modify the content of the courses without notifying the members. LicenseLogic also reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue services, events, and availability of downloadable contents. You agree that LicenseLogic will not refund any fee for any discontinued content that were not availed during the time that it was available.


Limitations and Disclaimers

LicenseLogic will do everything in its ability to ensure that the website will be up to date, accurate, and always relevant. However, LicenseLogic does not make any warranty that the services will meet all your requirements. LicenseLogic disclaims all warranties regarding the services, events, and content downloaded from the website.


In the rare circumstance, LicenseLogic LLC reserves the right to change and or modify this document, the Terms and Conditions, at any time without notice so as long to not significantly change the terms to greatly affect any major conditions to the end user.

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