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education is where it all begins.

Since 1994, the Certified Software Manager (CSM), has been the quintessential certification for anyone in software asset management (SAM). Proudly today there are 1000s of CSMs and Advanced Software Managers (ASMs) worldwide.

The License Logic Institute (LLI) has since built a software management curriculum geared to the SAM professional – the Expert Software Manager Pro Certification Program (ESM Pro); as well as developed a certification geared towards the librarian or IT professional wanting to address issues surrounding content licensing and copyright initiatives – the Certified Content License Manager (CCLM).

community is where it all thrives.

A community built around SAM, compliance, licensing and copyright concerns with the End User in mind.

Membership includes:

  • Access to the Software License Compliance and Copyright Course
  • Members only List Servs
  • Webcasts Recordings and White Papers
  • Participation in Round Table Meetings
  • Discounts on Certification Courses and More…
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and awareness is where it all lives.

Our Awareness Training Program (ATP) is designed for the Organization to roll out to all their employees (including faculty and staff of Education organizations); the ATP will:

  • Have Non-IT staff and management aware of the importance of compliance and management of software licenses

Better awareness inside an organization can move mountains when it comes to SAM.  Licensing and SAM are not easy to handle, but with a well-aware organization, compliance and procedures can begin to blossom.


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