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“I would highly recommend the Certified Software Manager (CSM) OnDemand course and exam to anyone wanting to understand the roles and responsibilities of being a certified Software Asset Manager. In addition, the course provides comprehensive understanding on compliance and the legal ramifications for violating copyright law. It does an excellent job of simplifying the complexity of the various types of licensing agreements, and presents an excellent tutorial for how to implement and software asset management program within your organization.
The course followed the manual, and the manual is a great reference tool that I plan to use for years to come.  My next goal is to become an Advanced Software Manager (ASM), and I can’t wait to take that OnDemand course in the near future!”

-Tim Kuehl, Software Asset Analyst
CAO Service Asset and Configuration Management
Allianz Life Insurance

“For years LicenseLogic has been my go-to source for SAM training. The on-demand courses, in particular, fit my busy schedule as well as complement my learning style. Having also recently purchased the Awareness Compliance Program I am looking forward to implementing it and raising awareness across the enterprise while working towards minimizing risk for our organization.”

-Michael Haan

Calvin College – IT

“I highly recommend LicenseLogic’s private on-site training opportunities and on-demand offerings to any organization seeking to educate their users on software licensing related topics.  I have benefited greatly from the vast array of topics available, in areas such as Software Licensing Basics, Awareness and Copyright Compliance, and Software Asset Management.  The information provided and the knowledge gained during these sessions has been extremely helpful for implementing policies, procedures and best practices across our organization.”

Toni Baylets-Holsinger
IT Procurement & Asset Analyst

“LicenseLogic’s team performed a SAM Assessment for our servers and desktops. The assessment included seven (7) publishers, with each having multiple titles and versions. The LicenseLogic team kept us up to date throughout the complex project, they were easy to work with, and their knowledge was very evident. We would highly recommend LicenseLogic to any university that needs to create a baseline of software licenses, ensure compliance, clean up inventory, or do an overall licensing audit.”


-DeAnna Shutt

University of Nevada Las Vegas


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ESM Pro Information

Go on and become a PRO!  Student must complete all Four Certifications – proving worthy of becoming an ESM Pro!  The Four Certifications are:

Discount pricing is available when purchasing all four courses (exams included).

Help Lower Your Organization's Risks with License Compliance through the Awareness Compliance Program (ACP)

Minimize Risk –  The Awareness Compliance Program (ACP) is designed to make sure that all of the organization’s users know the liabilities in terms of license agreements and COMPLIANCE with the copyright law (U.S. Copyright Law), and also help the organization as an entity realize the potential cost savings opportunities through better management and negotiations of their software licenses.

The License Logic Institute’s Awareness Compliance Program (ACP) automates the process.

The ACP is comprised of three tasks (suggested yearly) for the organization’s users to accomplish by completing the following:

  • The Software License Compliance and Copyright (SLCC) Course and Exam
  • The Top 5 License Terms Course
  • Anti-Piracy Statement Form Exam

By having IT Staff and/or employees completing the above objectives on a yearly basis, the organization has created ongoing AWARENESS to help to MINIMIZE RISK in terms of compliance with the copyright law while also allowing internal software policies to become easier to implement and enforce.

With Yearly Awareness and Education the Awareness Compliance Program will provide more confidence to the organization knowing that their IT Staff and/or employees better grasp and understand the importance of the Copyright Law (US) and software license agreements.

The ACP initiative combined with internal enforcement of any misuses can help to lower liabilities of license compliance and create an environment where better management of software licenses and potential cost savings can begin to develop.

The Awareness Compliance Program (ACP) benefits all employees within the organization.  From managers with the ability to acquire software without buying the proper license to IT staff who do not fully understand the license metric to the employee who misuses or shares their software license credentials improperly, the Awareness Compliance Program benefits all.  With plans available, an organization can roll out to their entire organization, or to a specific business unit and then grow from there.  HELP MINIMIZE RISK TODAY – SIGN UP NOW!

Need Private Training?

Pricing for a Course(s) and Exam(s) is as follows:

$5,000/per day of training for up to 10 attendees; each additional attendee after the 10th attendee is $450/attendee + travel, hotel, meal, and incidental expenses may apply.
If outside Continental United States then travel, hotel, meal, and incidental expenses will apply.
Any Certification Exams are included with the final price.
Buyer is to provide the room and a projector for the training, all other training materials will be provided by LicenseLogic.
NOTE:  If you are not sure what course(s) or workshop will fit your needs, give us a call and we will help you determine the best education for your group.

To find out more information or to book an On-Site or Private Training please call (301) 363-1658 or email