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The Awareness Compliance Program (ACP) is designed to help lower liabilities and create an environment to manage software efficiently within the organization.

The ACP is designed to make sure students understand the liabilities in terms of non-compliance with license agreements and the copyright law (U.S. Copyright Law); plus help the organization realize potential cost savings opportunities through better management and negotiations of their software licenses.

The ACP will provide confidence to the Organization that their employees understand the importance of compliance.

The ACP is comprised of three learning modules:

  • Software License Compliance and Copyright (SLCC) Course and Exam
  • Top Five License Terms All Employees Should Understand (Top 5)
  • Anti-Piracy Statement Exam (A-P Exam)

What You Will Learn in the SLCC Course and Exam

  • Understanding the Copyright Law and Liabilities
  • Liabilities of Non-Compliance with License Agreements
  • Types of Software Piracy that May Occur Internally
  • Anti-Piracy Trade Association Actions

What You Will Learn in the Top 5 Module

  • 5 Key License Terms, including: Site, User, and more.
  • Employee Dos and Don’ts in Regards to Software Utilization

Goals of the A-P Exam Module

  • Create Awareness of the Importance of Compliance
  • Help to Lower Liabilities of Any Potential Non-Willful Copyright Violations

Who Should Attend

The Awareness Compliance Program is geared to the general employee (some IT to non-IT) that may not be involved with the day-to-day management of software, but need to be aware of the liabilities and key license terms.

Datasheet for the Awareness Compliance Program (ACP)

The ACP is designed to educate employees and non-SAM related IT staff on the importance of software license compliance and management within the organization.

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